Monday, September 12, 2011

Are The Alien Greys Underground?

I have been led through experiences to think it is very possible here at the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

Of course I have had many close encounters with UFO / OVNIs and ET, but it was two years ago that I had an experience which started my search for caves in the area.

It was midnight during a mid summer night...when there was suddenly a loud deep metal clank..It sounded like BIG steel on BIG steel. Following the clank..would follow a very strong, deep thud from underground.
My initial thoughts we steel pilings being driven into the ground. The clanks and thuds were very disturbing..being where I stay there..there should not be that kind of work going on anywhere around there.

What I found through my search and contacting many locals and geological surveyors that have experience and knowledge of the area.. was there are NO caves in the area...No mines ever in the area..yet..I have discovered a man that is aware of a deep cave..that is so large it could be a mine.

It is on "Crown Land" in the Parkland Region of Manitoba..and there is no past history of any mining taking place in the area, according to government and local residents..

The deep..and very few human eyes have ever even seen the entrance, but we will.

The video of the cave investigation will be available for you, in the near future. We will look to see if there is any evidence of ET or past history of what has taken place there as well as how deep it goes.

You can read about this incident more, in "part 4" to my close encounters on my blog.. or if you have not yet.. read about all my encounters and experiences.

May you one day be awakened, by the truth.




  1. Hi Todd, my names Len .. i stumbled upon you on youtube n iv subscribed to you ever since, i really like what you doing. iv also had my fair share seeing what i think are ufo's , some times i wish i knew what you were goin through being abducted n all but at the same i dont .. everything youv explain sounds so damn scray... i dont mean to bother u tho u prolly have alot going on, but i was just wondering when you ll have that cave video posted..

  2. @Len Hi..I am sorry to not have any more video for the cave at this time. The day I was to go in..the obstacles prevented me from going there..I still have yet to go into the cave..but as soon as I do..I will be posting video...regardless if I find something or not. It will happen..I just cannot say exactly when.

  3. Ok thanks Todd. respect man take your time ..