Saturday, July 21, 2012

White Cross Shaped UFO July 18, 2012 Parkland Region, Manitoba

I was up at my lake again in the Parkland Region, Manitoba..I have been spending lots of spring and summer up there and making the most of the sunshine and heat.

It was just a few days ago that I was near a friends place, about 5 miles east of the lake. The same area where I was followed by a close UFO a few years ago.

It was 7:30pm Wednesday July 18, 2012. 
Mainly clear sky, no wind,  daylight

All my friends were occupied with work at that moment..I gave myself a break...and had walked away to try to get away from the heat..I stopped and looked up to the sky.  There were a few small clouds..but it was mostly a blue sky.

Just off to my North-East and at an altitude of approximately 30 to 40 thousand feet, was a white craft that appeared as a cross. It was traveling in a South-West direction.

My first natural reaction was a jet airliner but I very quickly realized it was not. 
There was no trail from it. The UFO appeared much larger than a jet-liner and my reaction was soon dismissed, as I noticed that the craft was not traveling like a plane or jet would. It's body was diagonal to the direction it traveled.
I also noticed that it had larger ends to the craft than the rest of the body.
It was then that I realized that what I was watching...really wasn't an aircraft that we normally see.
The craft appeared in size as one would see of a lower flying air-plane but it was indeed at a much higher altitude.

I began to run to the truck..where I have my camera. It was about 20 feet away..From the speed of the soon would be out of distance, it was traveling at such fast rate ..I tried to watch the craft the whole time as I ran to get my camera

I got to the truck and got my camera out. I had to take my eyes away from the craft for 4 seconds. That was all it took..
With camera set and ready...I searched the sky with my naked eye...knowing that I had missed the UFOs departure. It was already out of sight. I knew that the speed did not allow me enough time.
I stood there..for a few more minutes..not sure if there would be something else.. There was nothing more..

I wrote down everything from the moment..and even drew a diagram..
I reproduced the diagram to make it more clear to what the UFO appeared as.

I was disappointed in failing to get video of it..but I am satisfied that having seen it in daylight..and without any distortion.. I did see very clearly what it appeared as. 

It could have easily been dismissed...but..all it took was a clear look up and the time to pay attention.

I do want to make note:

The craft which was high enough to be a jetliner was fairly silent compared to regular airliners. There was no sound from it at it passed..or after.

The diagram and the report is all I can share for this UFO sighting.



  1. We just saw the very same thing, also in broad daylight, 10am, there were two planes both with contrails in the sky at the same time but
    this thing had no contrail and was moving diagonally. The exact same shape and colour and seemed fast.

    1. Hi there..Thank you for sharing that..I would have responded sooner but just returned from my lake.

      Perhaps you can email me at one of my emails listed on the right hand column. I would like to discuss your sighting with you..if you are open to talk to me.

      I am only here for a couple days but will return.

      Peace...and thanks again.