Monday, November 12, 2012

The Greys - Why They Look As They Do

Why do the alien greys look like they do?

Have you ever thought about it? What would make a species appear so out of proportion like the alien greys?

I have had several years to think about this. Having been taken by the greys and having seen with my own eyes twice, I know for certain what they appear like.

I've wondered over the years what might cause such. 
Is it reasons within their body that make it so?
They have such very large heads with smaller bodies that are very skinny when put next to humans. 
Both the short greys at approximately 4 feet and the tall greys at approximately 6 feet are very skinny, both appear the same out of proportion to their heads.

Is it their brain, which may be capable of much more intelligence, and may be much more active, that causes such a “off balance in size” appearance?
They seem far more intelligent than humans. Could they actually have a larger brain that would “naturally” cause them to have a very large skull and considerably thinner jaw area?

After tossing it around for years and having only been able to think and compare to humans. I did discover what could be, a very likely reason for the extraterrestrial greys to appear as they do.

One thing that we can only guess is, where do the greys come from and what is the planet like that they originate from.

After looking at everything over and over, that I know. I came to a conclusion that they may appear so “out of proportion” due to their home world. 
I'll explain.
Water pressure can cause appearance change with the human head and body, The change is striking similar to what the greys appear like.

What I am presenting may be very close to the truth. We have no way to determine facts unless we have an alien that would allow to be studied. The odds are it would have to be a dead alien for that to actually happen and we all know that "Area51" would never allow such.

I cannot say how the human body in whole would react to atmospheric pressure but according to a display, it shows what a human head and partial body would look under water pressure.

  This image is what the human head appears like with surface pressure from Earth's atmosphere.

 At 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean the human head has changed drastically.

  At 6,000 feet, the human head has been manipulated by pressures to appear almost alien.
  The similarities between the greys and humans at this depth is very obvious

It is not that far off to consider that the alien greys may have originated from a planet that was very large and had high atmospheric pressure. Or their planet was made of liquid of sorts and they came to be in appearance due to the pressures thousands of feet below surface.

There is only one other idea that I have in regard to them appearing as they do.

As a fact , I know that they travel in crafts (UFOs) that can achieve instant speed at thousands of miles an hour from a virtual stand still. The crafts can do sharp turns and also stop instantly from speeds that are thousands of miles hour.

Considering their means of transport, I can also speculate that if not for their origin, they may appear as they do simply because of space travel and pressures involved.

The G-force alone would crush any human. Yet these beings seem to make it part of their normal existence here as they comb our sky around the world at speed most cannot see.

For the greys being able to travel within our atmosphere at such impossible speeds leads me to believe they can travel much faster in the deep of space, without the friction found in atmospheres of other planets, like Earth. 

 This video shows the speed of a craft (likely the greys) and how fast it can achieve such. I know such speed as true and real from my close encounters.

In conclusion: Whatever the exact reason, the greys likely have or had something to do with existing within high pressure. Whatever it was, caused them to look as they do. 

It may be an atmosphere or liquid pressure from their home world, or they could be an example of what spending too much time traveling through space at excessive speed, may do.

The world should be focusing on the reasons we are not alone and should be long past wondering if real.

There is a very good reason for this mass coverup and it has cost billions of dollars to keep it a subject of ridicule. The governments and the ones in power, would rather you do not know truth. They have their own selfish reasons.

Stay tuned...In an upcoming article will be sharing my thoughts on what everyone seems to be talking about, a “fake alien invasion”.
I will be discussing why it could happen and what needs to happen to make it a successful fear campaign, brought on by “the powers that be” and NWO.

I will be sharing a perspective that seems to come from only those, who have been taken. 


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  1. Interesting analogy of the presentation of greys, it is almost correct that they do probably emanate from a liquid Planet. As for the affects of high speed travel and G-forces involved, let me point out that it is likely that the craft revolves on a ring and anything within that ring only has a half of a gravity pull on it.