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The Greys - The Alien Agenda

The Greys - The Alien Agenda ...The Deep Truth

The Human Connection

I am not a religious person and for what I have experienced and am about to share, I want to make note that it happened before my encounters started again in 2002. It is something that has to be shared.
It does not involve ET but in the end, it will, as you read on.

ET was the furthest thing from my mind and I did the best I could to get past my MIBs abduction, from earlier in life.

In the 1990sI was an On-Air Radio Personality - Announcer (DJ) and was in Alberta working, at the time.

I had just finished a six hour on-air shift at midnight, and started to travel straight from work to my parents. It was a six hour highway drive, to Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

I arrived at my parents around 7AM and I was happy to sit and talk with them that morning. It was the reason I was coming to see them. I had been missing them.

After sitting and talking at the kitchen table for a couple hours with both my parents, I went up to the spare bedroom. I was not going to sleep..I wasn't tired..I Just went to lay and relax for a bit. I felt a little exhausted from the drive but was still ready to spend time visiting..after a "breather".

I laid down and let go a big I exhaled a large amount of spent air. I lay there for a few minutes...just clearing my mind..and seemingly exhaling stress with each breath.

As I lay there, I stared up at the ceiling.
I continued to clear my mind..of everything..and still unintentionally using each breath to release everything in my physical world..(clearing my mind) and relaxing my entire body.

Staring up at the ceiling and looking at it's rough texture for some time..I suddenly but gently was no longer staring at the ceiling. I was now looking at the entire universe, though I was no longer looking through my eyes. I was now part of the universe. I was my own entity / energy
I had no body, yet I was everything within our massive universe, from the most miniscule particles (quarks and electrons) to the largest masses that exist.
I was everything, everywhere...and it was all at once.

I understood life..I understood the universe...I understood my energy was connected to all that exists.

My energy became part of the energy that streams everywhere and covers everything in the universe.I could see it, I was part of it.
It connects everything to each other.
While on this higher plain, I felt love like I could never in my existence (as human) imagine. I felt happiness that cannot even be described, fulfillment that is unimaginable. Understanding small compared to what we can achieve by doing so.

I cannot say exactly how long I was away from my to speak...

I came back the same way I left..suddenly but gently.. and I found myself still staring at the ceiling...

I quickly sat up with a rush of feelings and and put my feet on the floor. EVERYTHING that I was..that I understood..that I felt..was fading very quickly. The entire event moved me so much, that I had tears coming from my eyes.

I understood immediately that my human brain cannot comprehend the massive amount of knowledge that one can attain at that level. I tried to retain what I could..I did everything in my power to save some of what I was aware.

What I did retain, changed me. It made me a human, that I never knew before.

From what I experienced, gave me a totally different perspective and understanding to life. I can never look at anything the same as it was, even if I try. I truly became an awakened person.

I did searching...through many religions..and it took a bit of my time. I found nothing that came close to the awakening I had.

I mean no offense if you are religious but from what I came away with knowing, is that there is no being in this universe that deserves to be worshiped. We ALL are connected and all are part of the energy.

While in Saskatoon during a later time when I was back visiting again, I happened into a book store.  I was just leaving, when I happen to notice a paper on the cork board that mentioned a free lecture being held at the University of Saskatchewan.
It was on Buddhism and I had not yet looked into that religion. I saw it as an opportunity to learn more.

I attended and I sat for hours paying attention. After listening very closely and finding it a very interesting perspective that Buddhists have.. I went up to the speaker who presented the lecture after he was done. He was very knowledgeable and prided himself as representing Buddhism in Canada.


I explained as best I could. Words can never truly describe what it is like to find oneself actually existing on a higher plain of existence. The information is very overwhelming and much too much for the human brain to comprehend..
He was very amazed and told me a few things more about the religion. 


The bottom line was..What I had achieved, is what Buddhist monks try to achieve..Some it may take a lifetime...while others it may never occur.

We all can achieve it, but it takes the right state to attain such..

What I also later discovered on my own was, my experience was my introduction into meditation as I had reached a very high meditative state.
I have never done so again and I have never truly tried. For years I did continue somewhat. Eventually I had years of experience and was well in-tune to breathing and other meditative states to try to ease the pain that I have from a back injury.

I have learned much about my body and my mind. It all started with something as simple as learning to relax the body and clearing the mind. Breathing is truly a key that helps open a new world. You learn to be aware of your body and one.

I know this all sounds so much like a religious person, but I still am not. I know that to attempt what we can achieve, one need not follow or worship in any religion to attain it. It is all within each of us already.

I have since gone through years of my life as changed human, and very aware of all the surrounding.
I thought I had life figured out as human, that is until my abductions started again after I returned to Manitoba and I could no longer ignore things as I had.

The Greys - The Alien Agenda


I have known the greys as being old...very old..and with a close friend who has had close encounters with the was determined that they are indeed very old.

The number of years may be small compared to the length of time that has passed in our universe...but they live to be 800 years old. That is very old in my eyes..comparing it to a human life span.

You may think that one could have all they wanted and more, being able to live a life that many times longer than human.. BUT that is not the way it is.

Having had my experience and being awaken to life itself, I learned what awaits.

I can perceive them (humans) as calling it "heaven"..or to others.."where the gods are".

Being human is part of our own learning experiences...and being human is we can achieve a higher plain of existence..both through life..and with death. That is what the greys cannot achieve.

I have always sensed them as being almost soulless when I have been with them. The way that things are when they enter my mind..and I can enter theirs when they do so. They have never been like us. I can understand from what it feels like being a part of their mind..that I would not want to be like them either.

When I put all my experiences together with what I have learned, I understood that the greys need to achieve a higher plain but cannot.
One may think it should be only natural for most living things to advance, but they greys are not like what we find here on Earth with life.


For years I have kept feelings and things that I was part of..inside and not really sharing with many people.


During a conversation with a my close and dearly good friend "ThelmaDonna", we turned to the topic of what they greys want and what their agenda is.



I started by talking about them and their energies..or souls..and how I did not feel them as having that.


It was soon learned through the conversation between the two of us, that what I am aware..ThelmaDonna is as well. However she describes what they being able to "reincarnate".

When one steps back and looks at what this all entails:
- existing on higher plains while still being able to come back to human level of consciousness and existence.
- existing after the passing of this world (life after death)
- reincarnation

It all becomes even more obvious and I would never share this if I was not sure.

Having confirmation from others who have been taken by the greys, only solidifies what I know to be true already.



There are many people that speak of hybrids and a very large portion of abductees are aware of alien/human hybrids by having introduction to them at times, during the close encounters.

Humans are unique to extraterrestrials. I cannot say if it is the same for all other beings but to the greys, we do not compare. That is the reason for the apparent "breeding" that is taking place.

Many female abductees have ended up carrying a fetus within..only to have abduction occur again and have it taken. ( I have been in communication with hundreds of female abductees, in the past years)

It would only make sense that they use male humans as well, to continue the reproductive agenda.

There are supposedly two types of hybrids..ones that look mostly human..and ones that do not appear human at all.

I have no memory of ever seeing one, so I cannot confirm or deny their existence but I am certain that it is happening. I am aware simply because of all I have been through.
I may not have all details exact but I have no doubt I am closer to the truth than most of the world has been able to see far.

Now..we must step back in time somewhat..As to how did they ever find us here?

They didn't find us here. They brought us here..and we are as much alien to this the greys are.


One must look past the short time periods and look at the constant change that occurs in life..and the universe.

These earth like planets may be more rare, but there are other planets that can and do harbor life, including Human.

What we have taking place on Earth with the greys has been going on far longer than the entirety of our own existence here on Earth.

How many planets and how many times have the greys been "trying" to achieve what is only a natural occurrence for humans (higher plains of existence)? There is no easy way to determine such without the full cooperation of the greys.

There are many abductees that feel that they were treated and tested, as one would do with a research animal. Some humans are never returned...I often wonder of the literal millions of people that have gone missing indefinitely, which ones are taken by the greys and not returned.

Considering the greys have been following this agenda for much longer than mankind has been on earth and are STILL continuing, shows that what they want to attain may be impossible for them.

I am not meaning to scare anyone but there are only two options if not returned..being taken to another earth like planet that has the human species populating it...or death. You can confirm this by learning of others abductions, where they have been shown other worlds with humans. I am aware of such, through close friends of which I fully trust and appreciate.

This article may be very hard for many to fully understand and may not answer all your questions..but there is even more to come.


Upcoming, I will be sharing some things about the NWO which we all face. I will explain what I can on how we all have been played and lied to by the ones in power. I do see this lie of ETs non-existence as the largest and the most damaging lie in our history here.

There are many agendas being followed by the elite, the powers that be, the new world order, and in my next upcoming article, I will focus on what I know..and I will share my personal perspective as an abductee, about events that are occurring in the present around the world. Every one of us are part of it..willing and knowing...or not.

Our freedoms...our rights..and our access to truth are all being shut down. It is not coincidence..It is all connected to events to come.

There will be a close friend of many years, that I will be including. She was part of the NWO and has walked away from it and has a inside perspective that may not agree with everything that I will be sharing, but the truth she has will help to put it all together with what I will be presenting next.


NWO is no longer a myth.

The myths stop here, and the truth is shared.


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  1. Really liked this post, particularly the section which suggests the Greys as being interested in reincarnation. It makes me wonder what actually happens to them upon death.